A mom with her two girls with the words prioritizing health amidst the messiness of motherhood: nutrition, fitness, and motherhood content for moms.

Often throughout motherhood, where we are always juggling responsibilities – a mother’s health and wellness takes a backseat. 

The term “moderately messy” doesn’t mean neglecting responsibilities, but rather finding a more balanced and sustainable approach to motherhood (while prioritizing YOUR health).

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Welcome! My name is Alex Evink, a Registered Dietitian (RD) on a mission to help other moms prioritize their health with a combination of evidence-based research and personal experience. 

As a mom, I know that life with little ones can be chaotic. Often, our own health and self-care are last priority.

Join me while we embrace the moderately messy- where it’s not about perfection, but striving for more balance and order wherever possible.


A mom working out in her living room with her toddler on the floor watching TV.

Fitness content geared towards the busy mom – easy, convenient at-home workouts, simple ways to add physical activity to your day with kids, and my favorite trainers.

A white bowl of quinoa, grilled chicken, tomatoes, corn and cilantro on a table next to silverware.

Evidence-based nutrition content to inspire other moms to prioritize their health through healthy eating, while exploring popular topics without all the misinformation on the internet. 

A piece of paper on the counter next to a pen and a bowl of fruit.

Prioritizing your health isn’t just about nutrition and fitness- but taking care of your mental health and managing self-care. 

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