Challenging Full Body Workout With Weights (Taylor Swift Edition)

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This full body workout with weights routine was designed to target multiple muscle groups while increasing your cardiovascular endurance. It should take you about 35 minutes to complete and dumbbells are the only equipment required, making it an easy at home workout option. The bonus: the playlist is all Taylor Swift music…are you ready for it? 

About the workout

The workout will consist of supersets – which is basically a set of two exercises, back to back with no rest in between. The superset will be repeated for the entirety of each Taylor Swift song. Each superset will consist of one upper body and one lower body workout.

Try to complete as many rounds of the superset as you can during the duration of the song, but take breaks whenever needed. When the song is complete, move onto the next superset (or take further rest) no matter where you are in that set.

Tips for Success

Be sure to warm-up prior to the workout, and cool down after.

Lower your weights if you feel fatigued to prevent injury. I will be using less weight than what I would normally lift since there are minimal rests in this workout and it’s designed to increase your heart rate. 

For reference, I used 2 x 10 pound weights for most of the arm exercises, but did increase to 18 pounds for the chest press. I used 2 x 20 pound weights for most of the leg exercises. 

Add all of the songs to a playlist before you start your workout!

Go at your own pace – and most of all, have fun! 

Download the WOrkout


I tried to make these moves as simple as possible. If you are unsure of how to perform a move correctly, a quick google search will show you how to do them.

A full body workout with weights routine set to Taylor Swift songs.

…Ready For It? (3:30)

  •  (12) Hammer Curl
  • (12) Romanian Deadlift (RDL)

Cruel Summer (3:00)

  •  (12) Tricep Dip
  • (12) Sumo Squat

 Death By A Thousand Cuts (3:10) 

  •  (10) Shoulder Press
  • (20) Alternating Lunge

Midnight Rain (2:54)

  •  (10) Push Up
  • (20) Glute Bridge – one dumbbell across waist, optional

 Tell Me Why (3:09) 

  •  (12) Chest Press
  • (10) Alternating Curtsy Lunge

 Bad Blood (3:30) 

  •  (10) Wide Curls
  • (10) Squat Plus Deadlift

 Vigilante Shit (2:45) 

  •  (12) Lateral Raise
  • (12) Walking Lunge (can either go forward or backward, or both)

 We Are Never Getting Back Together (3:12) 

  •  (12) Tricep Kickback
  • (20) Calf Raise

Want More?

This workout is perfect for busy moms who may not have a lot of time for their fitness goals. For more Taylor Swift workouts, try one of these below!

*This workout is a guide and may not be suitable for all fitness levels. I am not a fitness professional, just love at-home workouts and Taylor Swift. By performing this workout, you are doing so at your own risk. Always discuss with your doctor before starting any physical activity, especially if you have a chronic medical condition. 

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