Snacks and Smoothies

Healthy snacks and smoothies – many of which are high in protein for increased overall protein intake. Easy to meal prep!

Two kefir chia puddings in glass cups, one topped with berries and whipped cream and the other with Oreos and whipped cream.

Kefir Chia Pudding {2 Ways}

This kefir chia pudding is super creamy, thick, and packed with probiotics and prebiotics to create a more balanced gut microbiome! Recently, there has been a significant increase in interest regarding the importance of gut health. Kefir is an underrated (possibly not so well-known) ingredient with significantly more probiotics than even yogurt. Kefir is a […]

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5 Dirty Soda Recipes {with Olipop}

5 delicious dirty soda recipes using Olipop to add some excitement and flavor to your day-to-day. These recipes are easy (all 4 ingredients or LESS) and provide over 9 grams of fiber to reach a higher overall fiber intake and increase the diversity of our gut microbiome! I’ve been seeing the dirty soda trend on

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Protein bars on a small plate on a counter, surrounded by loose oats and a large tray of protein bars.

Easy Snacks with 10+ Grams of Protein

A high protein snack can make all the difference when trying to consume a higher protein diet. I’ve compiled over 20 quick and easy snacks with 10+ grams of protein to help you reach an overall higher protein intake, increase satiety, and assist with weight loss and maintenance. Out of all the macronutrients, protein takes

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4 lemon berry protein popsicles stacked on top of each other on a counter garnished with berries.

Refreshing Lemon Berry Protein Popsicles

A healthy frozen treat for the moms! These creamy, refreshing lemon berry protein popsicles are the perfect summer snack – with 11 grams of protein per popsicle. A fun yet nutritious way to cool down while also increasing overall protein intake. I’ve been a bit obsessed with the lemon, berry and honey flavor combination lately.

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A large glass of pineapple protein kombucha smoothie next to smaller glasses and a bottle of KeVita kombucha.

Pineapple Protein Kombucha Smoothie

This is a thick and creamy high protein pineapple kombucha smoothie packed with probiotics and prebiotics! If you’re looking to try and improve the composition of your gut microbiome but you dislike the taste of kombucha- add it in a smoothie because you can barely taste it! This could be an easy, refreshing snack or

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Peach Pineapple Kefir Smoothie

Kefir is an underrated ingredient – providing significantly more live, active cultures when compared to yogurt! If you’re looking for a different take on a smoothie, try this tasty and refreshing peach pineapple kefir smoothie. The benefits? A creamy, tropical beverage that increases the good bacteria in your gut and provides vitamin D! The kefir

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Two jars of high protein banana pudding and a bowl of chessmen cookies on a wooden cutting board on the table.

High Protein Banana Pudding {with Chessmen Cookies}

This high protein banana pudding with chessmen cookies is to die for! The thick, creamy pudding mixture is layered with sweet bananas and buttery cookies that soften after refrigerated for the perfect bite. Eat it as a healthier dessert option or high protein snack to help reach a higher total overall protein intake. If you

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Dark chocolate strawberry bark pieces on a white platter - some drizzled with peanut butter.

Dark Chocolate Strawberry & Raspberry Bark {with Date Sauce}

This recipe is a combination of the viral chocolate strawberry peanut butter bark and date caramel. I feel like I have been seeing both recipes everywhere lately! So here is my spin on them – dark chocolate strawberry bark but the chocolate sauce is made with dates, coconut milk, and cocoa powder. The “chocolate” sauce

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A glass bowl of healthy date chocolate sauce on a counter next to a bowl of strawberries.

Healthy Dark Chocolate Date Sauce {4-Ingredients}

A rich, healthy dark chocolate date sauce that can be used in so many different ways! With only 4 ingredients (one of them being water), it is so simple to make. It doesn’t even taste like a “healthier” chocolate sauce. {Dairy-Free and Gluten-Free} You may have seen date caramel trending on TikTok, as dates can

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34+ Road Trip Snacks {For the Whole Family}

The key to a successful road trip comes down to being well-prepared – especially when young kids are involved! This usually means having the right snacks available to keep them entertained, while also eliminating the need to stop at a convenience store. This post has over 34 road trip snacks the whole family will enjoy.

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