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Often throughout motherhood, where we are always juggling responsibilities – a mother’s health and wellness takes a backseat.

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Welcome! My name is Alex Evink, a Registered Dietitian (RD) on a mission to help other moms prioritize their health with a combination of evidence-based research and personal experience. 

As a mom, I know that life with little ones can be chaotic. Often, our own health and self-care are last priority.

Join me while we embrace the moderately messy- where it’s not about perfection, but striving for more balance and order wherever possible.


A mom and daugher working out together; home vs gym workouts

Fitness content geared towards the busy mom – easy, convenient at-home workouts, simple ways to add physical activity to your day with kids, and my favorite trainers.

Cottage cheese or greek yogurt parfait in glass containers with chopped nuts for lunch idea for gestational diabetes.

Evidence-based nutrition content to inspire other moms to prioritize their health through healthy eating, while exploring popular topics without all the misinformation on the internet. 

A mom and her daughter practicing meditation on the floor.

Prioritizing your health isn’t just about nutrition and fitness- but taking care of your mental health and managing self-care.

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