20+ Recipes High in Protein and Fiber

Both protein and fiber help to slow down how quickly our food is digested, keeping us fuller for longer and potentially reducing appetite. This post consists of over 25 recipes high in protein and fiber. Adapting these principles long-term can help with weight management, improved composition of your gut microbiome, lower risk for chronic diseases, reduced inflammation and more!

Bowls of grilled chicken and quinoa with vegetables on a counter next to an avocado.

Fiber is so important yet most of us aren’t getting enough. For women, this is at least 25 grams of fiber per day or 14 grams per every 1,000 calories.

As a dietitian, I try to think of the nutritional info first when coming up with new recipes. I am all about macro-friendly meals high in protein and fiber! I even created a 14-Day Meal Plan to help others prioritize these two nutrients. Some of these recipes are in the meal plan and if you purchase it, feel free to customize with any other recipes in this post!

Let’s Discuss the Importance of Fiber

Soluble fiber dissolves in water and creates a gel as it passes through our digestive system. Strong evidence suggests it can lower cholesterol, stabilize blood sugars, and reduce the risk of type 2 diabetes and heart disease. Some soluble fibers act as prebiotics and provide food for the good bacteria in our gut.

Insoluble fiber does not dissolve in water and adds bulk to the stool- making it easier to pass and thus preventing constipation. It’s also been shown to reduce risk of colon cancer and diverticulitis.

Many foods contain both soluble and insoluble fiber. Therefore, it’s best to focus on increasing overall fiber intake instead of on each type!

When trying to increase fiber intake, it’s best to start low and go slow. Adding too much fiber too quickly can lead to bloating, gas and even constipation.

Breakfast Recipes high in Protein and Fiber

For all the benefits of a high protein and fiber diet, don’t skimp on breakfast! It’s the most important meal of the day for a reason – and helps to increase overall protein and fiber consumption.

Nutritional information for these recipes is just an estimation – and individual ingredients and preparation may cause discrepancies.

Crispy Cheese Breakfast Burrito

A high protein breakfast burrito topped with Greek yogurt, sliced jalapenos, olives, and avocado on a white plate.

Easy to meal prep (recipe is for 5 servings) and freeze for later, this breakfast burrito has a crispy cheese crust and is topped with Greek yogurt for even more protein. I use a low carb tortilla (I love Mission tortillas) that is high in fiber as well.

For a plant-based breakfast burrito, try this Ultimate High Protein Breakfast Burrito from Melissa Traub with tofu and black beans.

Chia Breakfast Bowl

A close-up of a chia breakfast bowl on a yellow and white striped towel.

This creamy, delicious chia breakfast bowl is SO easy to meal prep the night before (even for the whole week) and has 22g protein and 15g fiber. Greek yogurt is combine with chia seeds, then it’s topped with berries, walnuts for crunch and a drizzle of honey!

Also try:
Red, White and Blue Greek Yogurt Parfaits (Lauren Kelly Nutrition); 28g protein and 12g fiber.

Overnight Oats

Overnight oats topped with strawberries and blueberries on a wood cutting board on the counter next to a bowl of strawberries.

Overnight oats are the perfect vessel for a nutritious, filling and satisfying breakfast! Incorporate Greek yogurt or protein powder to increase protein content, and add some chia seeds for fiber. It’s that simple.

Try one of these 20+ overnight oats variations so you never run out of flavor combinations.

Acai Bowl with Protein (Carrots and Cookies)

An acai bowl topped with sliced bananas, peanut butter and fruit.

26 grams of protein without protein powder! The base of this Acai bowl utilizes Greek yogurt, hemp hearts and chia seeds and it’s topped with peanut butter, granola and fresh fruit.

Lunch and Dinner Recipes

Asian Tofu Buddha Bowl (Naturallie Plant Based)

An Asian tofu Buddha bowl on a counter with a spoon of dressing in it.

Plant-based meals are becoming increasingly popular – and for good reason! This tofu and edamame bowl with a delicious Asian dressing contains 26g protein and 14g fiber. If you’re not feeling the tofu, easily replace with chicken or pork.

Turkey Burrito Bowls (Fresh Apron)

A fully assembled turkey burrito bowl on a table next to a bowl of black beans and a bowl of tomatoes.

A power bowl or protein bowl is one of my favorite ways to consume a high protein and fiber meal! They are so versatile, with so many customizations and easy high fiber additions like beans. This recipe contains 29 grams of protein and 9g fiber.

Mediterranean Chicken and Quinoa Bowl

Another recipe you will find in my 14-Day Meal Plan, this Mediterranean grain bowl is one of my favorites to throw together! It’s basically a bunch of fresh veggies, cooked quinoa, and chicken topped with crunchy walnuts, creamy feta cheese and a simple olive oil and vinegar dressing. 33g protein and almost 8g fiber.

Hamburger Soup (Fed by Sab)

A large bowl of hamburger soup with a spoon in it on a red and white plaid towel next to a piece of bread.

This comforting bowl of soup features ground beef with potatoes and fiber-rich veggies. 27g protein and 8g fiber per serving.

White Chicken Chili (Fed by Sab)

A bowl of white chicken chili topped with sliced avocado and sour cream on a table.

Chili is an easy way to throw together a meal with protein and fiber – and this white chicken chili is no different. White beans provide both soluble and insoluble fiber and it’s topped fiber-rich avocado.

Date Smoothie (So Smoothie Recipes)

A creamy date smoothie in a glass jar with a straw in it on a table.

Dates are naturally sweet and high in fiber and antioxidants. This smoothie tastes like caramel, butterscotch and brown sugar! There is 18g fiber and 24g protein. Even just adding dates in replace of honey in your favorite smoothies will add some sweetness and extra fiber.

Also Try:
Chocolate Date Sauce
Mango Spinach Smoothie (Free Your Fork)

Vegan Fettucine Alfredo (Bites with Blair)

Vegan fettuccine alfredo in a bowl with seitan and veggies.

This recipe was created by a fellow dietitian. It’s made with a homemade dairy-free Alfredo sauce and contains 24g protein and 7g fiber. Her entire website is all about high protein plant-based meals – so you’ll find lots of other ideas there!

More vegan pasta recipes:
Best Vegan Spaghetti with Seitan (Bites with Blair)

Mexican Chili

Mexican Chili in a bowl topped with shredded cheese and avocado

One of my husband’s favorite meals! This chili utilizes fresh and canned ingredients for a quick and low-maintenance meal with 24.5g protein and 13g fiber per serving.

For a vegan option, try:
Easy Vegan Chili Mac (Easy Chickpeasy)

One Pot Garlic Sausage Pasta (Garlic All Day)

A pasta bowl filled with tomato, garlic and sausage pasta and topped with cheese.

Even pasta can make for a high protein and fiber meal! Just add lots of fresh vegetables, beans, and pasta noodles like Banza Chickpea Pasta or Barilla Protein Plus (my favorite). This recipe specifically has 37 grams of protein and 7g fiber for a large bowl.

Also try:
Creamy Cannellini Bean Tomato Pasta (The Vegan Larder); 26g protein and 12g fiber. This dish adds some nutritional yeast for extra protein and fiber!
Vegan Baked Spaghetti (Easy Chickpeasy)

Steak and Avocado Salad (Haute & Healthy Living)

Steak and avocado salad topped with a green goddess dressing in a white bowl on a table next to a fork.

Avocados are one of the best sources of fiber! This simple green salad even features them in the deliciously fresh green goddess dressing. Plus, it’s topped with grilled steak for the perfect easy weeknight meal.

Spicy Salmon Salad (Mandi of the Mountains)

Spicy salmon salad with sliced avocados and diced carrots in a black bowl.

This salad is like a deconstructed sushi bowl. Canned or fresh salmon is combined with fresh veggies and a flavorful dressing made with soy sauce, sesame oil, rice vinegar, and sriracha. Each serving amounts to 34g protein and 8g fiber.

Also try:
Arugula Quinoa Salad (Hello Frozen Bananas); 17g protein and 7g fiber. A mix of quinoa, feta cheese, and walnuts combined with a creamy tahini dressing.

Chicken Quinoa Bowls (Slender Kitchen)

A full assembled chicken quinoa bowl on a plate.

A super nutritious power bowl consisting of black beans, grilled chicken, quinoa and fresh vegetables for a total of 10g fiber and 46g protein per serving!

Crispy Bean and Cheese Tacos (Home Cooking Collective)

3 bean and cheese tacos assembled on a cutting board with a side of creamy chipotle sauce.

Crispy bean and cheese tacos are a delicious meat-free option with 23g protein and 14g fiber. They are served with a creamy chipotle sauce.

Tips to Increase Both Protein and Fiber

As I am sure you can see after looking through these recipes, it is a lot of Mexican-inspired bowls, stir-fries, and plant-based meals. To increase fiber intake, it’s essential to prioritize fruits, vegetables and whole grains. For example, choose ancient grains in replace of rice.

Chia seeds are also one of the most convenient ways to increase fiber consumption. I have a post with 48 recipes to use chia seeds! Beans, legumes and nuts are also good sources of protein AND fiber.

A protein bowl is essentially a power bowl that prioritizes fiber. They’re super easy to throw together and can be customized in so many ways! Check out these 28 protein bowl ideas with tips to customize.

When trying to consume more protein, it’s best to consider what you can ADD to meals instead of just eating more chicken or steak. Small additions like cheese, nuts, seeds, nutritional yeast, cottage cheese, Greek yogurt, and plant-based protein sources help to increase protein content without significantly increasing saturated fat.

Or again, purchase my 14-day meal plan in the shop for an already put together meal plan with recipes and grocery lists – designed to teach you how to implement these lifestyle changes long-term.

Follow me for more tips and recipes that prioritize protein and fiber!

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