Alex Evink, MS, RD

Hello! I'm Alex Evink, Registered Dietitian (RD) for over 10 years and moderately messy mom to two girls. As a RD, I believe in evidence-based research - but I don't believe in perfection. My life can be pretty messy but I do my best to keep a balance that works for me and my lifestyle. I'm a foodie at heart, love Taylor Swift and read books in my free time.

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Savory Quinoa Breakfast Bake {Easy, High Protein}

I am on a quinoa for breakfast kick lately which inspired this hearty and healthy savory breakfast quinoa bake. It reminds me of a mix between baked oatmeal and a frittata. It’s packed with protein, fiber, vitamin D, iron and calcium to provide you with fuel and energy all morning long! Creamy cottage cheese, protein-packed

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30+ Breakfasts with 30 Grams of Protein

A high protein breakfast can be the start of a successful day, sustaining fullness all morning long and boosting overall protein consumption. Several clinical studies have shown that a higher protein diet can help to reduce body weight, decrease fat mass, and help prevent weight regain after loss. This post contains 30 breakfasts with 30

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1700 Calorie High Protein Meal Plan {3-Day}

Striking the right balance of calories and protein can have many long-term advantages – whether your goal is to lose or maintain weight. Use this 3-day 1700-calorie high protein meal plan as inspiration, and customize based on your lifestyle and preferences. This post will also discuss the link between protein and weight management, calorie and

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