23+ Useful and Creative Gifts for Busy Moms In 2024

Looking for gift ideas for that mom in your life, who never stops? Who is always putting everyone else’s needs before hers? Here are my recommendations for useful and creative gifts for busy moms.

This list is specifically curated for the mom who is juggling a multitude of responsibilities (but what mom isn’t?). Carefully selected gifts that might make her life more organized, efficient, and enjoyable. Gifts that allow her to take some much-needed time to herself. 

A pretty packaged present with a bow.

As a busy mom myself, I only selected items that I find helpful or would actually want. With the busy mom in mind, there is sure to be a few items on this list that the mom in your life would love to receive. 

The Best Gifts for Busy Moms

This post does include Amazon affiliate links. This list is a true representation of what I think are the best gifts for busy moms, however, I do receive a small compensation if a purchase is made (at no additional cost to you). 

1. Personalized Coffee Mug or Water Bottle

A unique or personalized coffee mug shows a bit of thoughtfulness, while also proving to be very useful since most moms survive on coffee.

Find a customized coffee mug on Etsy, or make her a photo mug of her family from Shutterfly. Or if she’s a wine drinker, she might enjoy a stainless steel wine tumbler. 

2. Family Planner or Organizer

Give the gift of organization with a family planner or organizer. There’s an overwhelming number of options out there – from digital planners to journals. There are even personalized family calendars on Etsy so the whole family can use it. 

A organizer or planner: gifts for busy moms

3. Tote Bag

Does that busy mom in your life need a new bag – for work or just everyday life? Like this highly-rated Mama bag from Amazon.

4. Spa Gift Card

A spa gift card is for that busy mom who wants some quiet time to herself. Let her choose whether it’s a facial, massage, or getting her nails done. 

5. Foot Massager

Some moms are on their feet all day long, so this foot massager machine with heat could provide some nightly relaxation after a busy day.

6. Cozy Pajamas

What mom can’t wait to get into their pajamas after a busy day? Buying them a pair of new, cozy PJ’s could provide the comfort they crave – you just can’t go wrong.

Some ideas include these highly-rated Eberjey Long PJ Set or the ultra-soft Leikar Button Up Pajamas.

7. Shower Steamers Aromatherapy

These #1 best-selling Shower Steamers make showers even more luxurious and relaxing. With 15 tablets, each steamer releases an aromatic fragrance providing a spa-like experience. Many reviewers find them very soothing.

8. Stress Relief and Self-Care Cards

52 easy exercises for mindfulness, meditation, anxiety relief and stress management – these Allura and Arcia 52 Stress Less & Self-Care Cards are a unique gift with mental health in mind.

Reviewers find them fun, useful, and inspirational!

9. Clothing Subscription

A clothing subscription might be ideal for the mom who needs new clothes but just doesn’t have the time or energy to go shopping! Stitch Fix is a popular option, but check out Buzzfeed’s top clothing subscription boxes for more specifics when selecting the best type of subscription box for her. 

10. At Home Fitness Subscription

Fitness goals as a busy mom? It might feel impossible sometimes. At-home workouts can be a more convenient option for moms who want to prioritize their fitness goals with little time to do so. 

If you’re buying for a mom who loves to lift weights or wants the benefits of resistance training, Caroline Girvan (my favorite trainer) has the CGX app which is only $100 annually. Other options include BeachBody and Peloton. 

Further, there are many free workouts on YouTube. Give the gift of fitness equipment for an at-home gym, like adjustable dumbbells or resistance bands.

A set of adjustable dumbbells next to resistance bands.

11. Gift Card for Meal Delivery Service

I think we can all agree that making home-cooked meals for dinner every night can be a challenge for any mom. One of my favorite meal delivery services is Home Chef, with 30 meals to choose from every week. 

12. Urban Stems Subscription

Urban Stems is a flower delivery subscription service, perfect for the busy mom who loves to receive flowers! You can select deliveries to be scheduled weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly. 

13. Water Tumbler

Having a large water tumbler at hand ensures that busy mom is prioritizing her hydration! I actually have this Simple Modern 40 oz. tumbler and I am obsessed.

It’s a simple design, cup-holder friendly, with a handle which makes it easy to pick up (because it’s heavy with all that water in it). Plus – it’s more affordable than a Stanley cup.

14. Vegetable Chopper

I can’t recommend this vegetable chopper enough! It makes chopping and prepping veggies easy- you can meal prep in advance for easier weeknight meals on those busy nights. Having tools like this on hand might encourage the mom in your life to prepare more home-cooked meals.
A vegetable chopper with a cucumber inside of it on a countertop.

15. Air-Fryer

I feel like most people already have an air fryer, but if the mom in your life doesn’t – it’s a game changer. It’s a MUST. For faster cooking time with less hassle and mess, an air fryer just makes cooking for an entire family easier. It’s not just for French fries and frozen foods, an air fryer can be used to bake chicken or fish.

This Cosori Air Fryer has a sleek design, is highly-rated, and a best-seller. It also comes in white, which is the one I have.

An air fryer on a counter next to some bowls for a gift for busy moms.

16. Ninja CREAMi

The Ninja NC301 CREAMi Ice Cream Maker turns almost anything into gelato, ice cream, milkshakes, sorbet and smoothie bowls. This kitchen gadget is all the rage these days- people LOVE it! Also, it’s a fun way to get the kids involved in the kitchen.

17. Instant Pot

Another popular kitchen gadget that makes home cooking easier is the Instant Pot Mini Electric Pressure Cooker. Baked potatoes in 12 minutes? Who knew.

If there is one thing a busy mom needs it’s shortcuts in the kitchen!  

18. Packing Cubes

For the mom who is busy traveling, this Veken travel storage and luggage organizer set simplifies packing. Highly-rated, with reviewers raving about the space-saving and usefulness of this product.

19. Essential Oil Diffuser

This highly-rated, affordable essential oil diffuser makes any room smell amazing. People use it at night when they sleep and even bring it to the office for a more relaxation workplace.

20. Deep Tissue Massage Gun

An affordable deep tissue massage gun might be just the gift to melt away the stress and muscle tension that accompanies most busy moms. These are super powerful, compact, and provide instant relief for muscle fatigue and pain.

A woman using a deep tissue massage gun on her arm.

21. Cozy Clothes

Cozy clothes are the ideal gift for a busy mom – clothes that provide both comfort and style. I recommend something like a 2 piece jogger set, where the outfit is already put together (and cozy). Practical for at-home lounging or picking the kids up from school.

Or maybe a simple yet fashionable crewneck sweatshirt for her “mom era”, like the In My Mom Era sweatshirt from my shop.

Moderately Messy t-shirt for busy moms.

22. Audible Audiobook Subscription

An audible audiobook subscription is a fun, unique gift that allows her to escape a little bit from everyday life. She could use it to and from her commute to work, while she’s cooking dinner, or taking the kids to extra-curricular activities. Gift cards come in 1, 3, 6, and 12 month subscriptions. 

A phone next to a set of headphones for a gift for busy moms.

23. Dyson Cordless Vacuum

You can’t beat the convenience of a cordless vacuum. If you’re going to make the splurge, it should probably be a Dyson. It’s the ultimate gift for a busy mom.

A woman using a Dyson cordless vacuum for a useful and creative gift for a busy mom.

24. Under Desk Walking Pad

An under desk walking pad is basically a treadmill that is so quiet it can be used at home or at work. It doesn’t take up a lot of space and can be stored away easily!

I have this Spirax Walking Pad, and it is a serious game-changer. It is hard to take walks or workout in general with young kids, so a walking pad is just so convenient – especially for the work-from-home moms!

Adjustable dumbbells, free weights, and a walking pad on the ground.

Happy Shopping!

I hope this list was comprehensive enough to give you a lot of great ideas for gifts for busy moms. Other ideas to think about include free babysitting, a planned vacation, flight credits, or a weekend stay at a local hotel. 

Thanks for reading! Feel free to subscribe if you’re a busy mom yourself- hoping to prioritize your health and nutrition a little more. 

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