23+ Low FODMAP Diet Breakfast Recipes

Following a low FODMAP diet can be helpful in determining which foods high in FODMAPs are triggers for your digestive symptoms. However, the diet itself can be very restrictive (and confusing!). With so many foods high in FODMAPs, what is it that you CAN eat?

This post discusses 23+ low FODMAP diet breakfast recipes and ideas, as well as some tips on what to look out for.

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It’s important to understand that this diet is supposed to be temporary, with the goal of reintroduction of high FODMAP foods to see which ones triggers your IBS symptoms.

Following a Low FODMAP Diet

The ins and outs of a low FODMAP diet are, unfortunately, not black and white. Below is a list of high and low FODMAP foods – but it doesn’t list the quantities or amount of each food that is recommended on the diet. 

For example, some high FODMAP foods are OK in smaller amounts, while some low FODMAP foods are considered high when eaten in larger quantities. Only 5 strawberries are considered low FODMAP!

This is why it is advisable to work with a Registered Dietitian who is familiar with the low FODMAP diet. Another great resource is the Monash low FODMAP diet app with the largest low FODMAP food database available.

An infographic with high FODMAP foods and arrows pointing to low FODMAP foods.

“Gluten-free” bread as well as lactose-free dairy products are listed, however, it’s important to always read the label. For instance, some gluten-free breads may contain honey – which is considered high FODMAP. This is where the app comes in handy and takes some of the guessing work out of it.


Since whole wheat food products are considered “high FODMAP”, those following a low FODMAP diet will likely have trouble meeting the recommended fiber intake. Higher fiber grains like quinoa, rice, amaranth, millet and oats are all low FODMAP.

Ensuring each meal contains a low FODMAP fruit or vegetable will help to reach those fiber goals as well. Chia seeds are an excellent source of fiber and a 2 tablespoon serving is considered to be low in FODMAPs. 

Low FODMAP Bread Recommendations

Most gluten-free and sourdough bread are considered low FODMAP, but not all! Read all the ingredients on the nutrition label to be sure. Check for sweeteners (like honey, apple, high-fructose corn syrup) or terms like inulin.

I recommend reading this article on choosing low FODMAP bread.


I always recommend that meals contain around 20-30 grams of protein to assist with feelings of fullness and satisfaction. This doesn’t have to change on a low FODMAP diet. Most animal products are considered low FODMAP, as well as tofu, certain nuts, and pea protein.

Some lactose-free yogurts are suitable on this diet, while providing a good source of protein.

Fage Best Self Lactose-Free Yogurt – Plain (17 grams of protein per serving).
Kite Hill Greek Yogurt (17 grams per serving).
Green Valley Creamery Yogurt (8 grams per serving).

Protein Powder

Protein powder can be a convenient strategy in adding more protein to breakfast, and snacks as well. However, many protein powders contain additives which are high FODMAP – like artificial sweeteners such as sorbitol, mannitol, and xylitol. 

It is best to consume protein from food, but that can be tricky at breakfast sometimes. Whey isolate, egg protein, pea protein, rice protein and hemp protein are safe to eat on a low FODMAP diet, but not all protein powders have been individually tested to be classified as low FODMAP.

Here are some low FODMAP protein powder recommendations, with minimal additional ingredients and third-party testing:

NAKED Pea Protein Powder
NOW Whey Protein Isolate Protein Powder
NOW Sports Pea Protein Powder

As an Amazon affiliate, this post does contain affiliate links. At no additional cost to you, I receive a small compensation when a purchase is made. However, I only promote products I love and feel would be useful to you!

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Low FODMAP Breakfast Ideas

The good news is that eggs are considered low FODMAP – so you could make an egg scramble and serve with a slice of sourdough bread. 

Here are more low FODMAP breakfast ideas, so you can add some variety to your day while following this very restrictive diet! 

Download the Monash Low FODMAP diet app for the most up-to-date resource for the low FODMAP diet (and any recent changes). 

Quinoa Bowl

Quinoa is a gluten-free grain that is also considered a “complete” protein. There’s no rule that you can’t have quinoa for breakfast. Plus, it’s a simple grain to make in large batches to store in the fridge. 

Eggs are also considered low FODMAP, so you could easily top a quinoa bowl with eggs and serve with low FODMAP portion of fruit. 

Quinoa can be used to make sweet or savory bowls – the sky is the limit here! So great creative using low FODMAP foods. Here are more ideas to try:
Peanut Butter and Banana Quinoa Bowl (Rachel Paul’s Food).
Quinoa Porridge with Berries and Cinnamon (A Little Bit Yummy).

The Best Stovetop Frittata (Top Moms Ideas)

A frittata with tomatoes and broccoli in a pan for a low FODMAP breakfast idea.

This is a super simple stovetop frittata with cherry tomatoes and broccoli – which both are considered low FODMAP in small amounts. 

Gluten-Free Pancakes (Fearless Dining)

A stack of gluten-free pancakes topped with berries on a plate.

These pancakes are light, fluffy and use a gluten-free flour which makes them low FODMAP. Pick your favorite lactose-free milk, and keep these in the freezer for a simple and easy breakfast idea!

Vegan Protein Oatmeal (Bites with Blair)

A bowl of vegan protein oatmeal topped with bananas and berries with a spoon in it.

Oatmeal is naturally low FODMAP, and this recipe uses protein powder to make it extra filling. It’s also topped with raspberries! A 1/2 cup of oats is considered low FODMAP.

Note: Bananas are low FODMAP when they are unripe – however, they are considered high FODMAP as they ripen.

Chia Breakfast Bowl

A close-up of a chia breakfast bowl with a spoonful of the mixture.

This chia breakfast bowl is refreshing and high in fiber. Sub the Greek yogurt for one of the above recommendations and it is considered low FODMAP. Use maple syrup to sweeten instead of honey. 

Use only one tablespoon of chia seeds if you aren’t sure how you will tolerate them (but they are considered OK with a 2 Tbsp. serving). A serving size of 5 strawberries is considered low FODMAP. 

Also try:
Chia Seed Pudding 3-Ways (Liv Vegan Strong).

Overnight Oats

Two berry cheesecake overnight oats in glass jars on a cutting board garnished with strawberries.

Overnight oats are the perfect grab-and-go breakfast (with minimal prep work the previous day). As long as appropriate substitutes are made, they work on a low FODMAP diet. Use almond milk, lactose-free Greek yogurt, and top with low FODMAP portion of berries and nuts. 

You can even add protein powder (use above recommendations). Recipes to try:
— Banana Cinnamon Overnight Oats
— Vegan Peanut Butter Overnight Oats from Let’s Go Tomato
— Chocolate Strawberry Overnight Oats from Foods Without Fodmaps. 

Chocolate Chip Oatmeal Breakfast Bars (Haute & Healthy Living)

Satisfy a sweet tooth with these healthy oatmeal breakfast bars! Low FODMAP-approved, and makes a large batch for an easy grab-and-go breakfast. 

Also try:
Baked Strawberry Oatmeal (Sift and Simmer)

4-Ingredient Gluten-Free Waffle Recipe (Becky Excell)

These waffles are only 4 ingredients, low FODMAP-approved, and have tons of great reviews! Top with high protein yogurt, berries, and maple syrup for a well-balanced meal. Make a large batch and freeze for the future!


Two creamy strawberry gut health smoothies in glasses with pink straws on a white decorative platter.

Yes, smoothies could work as a low FODMAP breakfast idea! 

Here’s what to consider:
— A low FODMAP yogurt or milk (like almond milk).
— Low FODMAP fruits like strawberries, raspberries, blueberries, kiwi, pineapple, and passion fruit or vegetables like spinach in the correct portion size. 
— Adding some kind of protein, like peanut butter or low FODMAP protein powder, if not using a higher protein yogurt.
— Think about adding some chia seeds for fiber. 

Some ideas to try:
Low Fodmap Smoothies (Karlijn’s Kitchen).
Strawberry Banana Smoothie Without Yogurt (Healthy Kids Recipes) –> use less strawberries, or replace with raspberries.

Acai Bowl with Protein (Begin With Balance)

A protein acai bowl topped with lots of fresh fruits like bananas, strawberries and chopped nuts.

This acai bowl is refreshing, healthy and delicious, with over 22 grams of protein depending on the protein powder used! If you cannot tolerate protein powder, try a higher protein Greek yogurt that is lactose-free.

Other Easy Breakfast Ideas

— Skillet eggs and bell peppers, roasted potatoes with sourdough bread. Bacon is also considered low FODMAP!
— Omelet with spinach and feta.
— Peanut butter banana toast. 
— Bacon, egg and tomato breakfast wrap with a low FODMAP tortilla.
— Smoked salmon bagel.
— Bacon and egg sandwich on sourdough bread.

If you find the low FODMAP diet difficult or restrictive, read this post on The Link Between Diet and IBS for other diet options.

Additional Thoughts

A low FODMAP diet can seem very restrictive, especially when first embarking on this journey. It does come down to portion sizes, and the foods list does change frequently. 

Hopefully, more resources will become available as this diet gains more credibility in treating IBS and SIBO symptoms.

Choosing a low FODMAP breakfast might require more thought and preparation than you’re used to, but I hope this list gave you some ideas that work for you and your lifestyle. 

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