Messy Mom Life: Embracing The “Moderately Messy”

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Motherhood is a journey of joyful chaos. It’s a world filled with sticky fingers, spilled milk, and endless loads of laundry. But amid the mess and mayhem, there’s a beauty in embracing the moderately messy side of being a mom. What does it mean to be a moderately messy mom? 

It’s about recognizing that perfection is a myth and that, instead, we’re striving for more order and balance in our health and our lives. So let’s dive into the idea of being “moderately messy”, and why it’s perfectly okay. 

Life is Messy – But in a (Mostly) Functional Way

Being a moderately messy mom refers to having the tendency to embrace a certain level of clutter or chaos in your surroundings. It means that your house, day, car, or life may not always be impeccably organized or tidy, but not overwhelmingly chaotic either.

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Imperfection is Normal

Let’s face it: perfection is unattainable. It’s normal to have days when your house looks like a tornado hit it and your hair hasn’t been brushed in days. 

Moms are exceptional at multi-tasking or doing a million things at once. Most mornings I will be unloading the dishwasher, cooking breakfast for 3-4 people, and cleaning up from the night before at the same time. 

I have always described motherhood being similar to an octopus tornado. An octopus has multiple arms, and a tornado is like a massive swirling vortex. Moms use both their hands and feet to pick up various items scattered all over the house and they often do it at warp speed. The octopus tornado metaphor is how I attempt to keep the house clutter from getting too overwhelming.

Embrace the imperfections: they’re proof of what you have. 

It’s Subjective

It’s important to understand that being moderately messy is subjective and can vary from person to person. What may be considered moderate for one individual might be viewed as messy or disorganized by someone else. 

It’s all about finding a balance that allows you to feel comfortable and function effectively while embracing a level of disorder that suits your personal style.

Prioritizing Yourself Sometimes

It can be hard to put yourself first when you’re so busy trying to balance the day-to-day while also caring for kids. With this being said, you probably want to prioritize your wants and needs more.

Embracing a moderately messy lifestyle means recognizing the importance of self-care – whether it’s finding 15 minutes for a quick workout or enjoying a nutritious meal.

When it comes to a mom’s health and self-care, it may mean that we have to be a little more selfish (or creative). But don’t we deserve to be selfish sometimes?

It’s hard to make YOU a priority as a busy mom but when it comes to your health – I say be selfish and get creative!

Finding the Order in the Chaos

While chaos is a natural part of motherhood, it doesn’t mean you can’t find pockets of order within it. Creatine routine that work for you and your family. 

This might involve simple strategies like meal planning, working out with your kids or setting aside cleaning days.

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Why I Consider Myself Moderately Messy

For me, being moderately messy comes down to a few things. For one, I am just a naturally klutzy person. Most mornings I will be unloading the dishwasher, cooking breakfast for 3-4 people, and cleaning up from the night before at the same time. 

Sometimes, in my scurry to get all the things done, I will knock over a glass of milk or spill coffee beans all over the floor which leads to even more to clean up than what I started with!

Another example of my take on moderately messy is when it comes to making meals. I just want to be able to cook a healthy dinner in peace and that might mean that my kids eat popsicles and run around the house so that I can do so. This may lead to popsicle juice landing on my floor, but I will clean it up AND get my dinner made in the end.

I’m by no means perfect, but I try to prioritize certain parts of my life that I find important: working out most days, eating healthy, and keeping a somewhat clean house. 

So Why Follow This Blog on Motherhood?

Ultimately, being moderately messy can apply to any mom out there who is just striving for more balance. So go ahead and enjoy the chaos- and just know that you’re doing an incredible job.

With this blog, my aim is to provide resources for moms to prioritize their health. I will be providing evidence-based nutrition, fitness and motherhood content with a touch of my personal experience. 

These posts are only meant to inspire – not to judge or make you feel like you have to do everything suggested. That’s not really attainable most of the time!

If you resonate with this “term” or “brand”, please feel free to follow along!

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