35+ High Protein Plant-Based Meals {With At Least 20g Protein}

Consuming more plant-based meals while also trying to achieve a higher total protein intake requires a bit more planning and awareness. This post features 35+ high protein plant-based meals with at least 20 grams of protein per serving.

Most plant-based protein sources are lower in biological value – meaning there are lower quantities of the essential amino acids as compared to animal protein sources. Even further, plant-based sources are often lower in total protein per serving than animal products.

For example, a 4 ounce serving of chicken breast has 24 grams of protein and a 1/2 cup of tofu only has 10-15 grams of protein per 1/2 cup.

A meal that contains at least 20 grams of protein will keep you fuller for a longer period of time while also increasing your total overall protein consumption. Prioritize protein AND plant-based meals more often with these recipes!

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What Are the Benefits of Eating More Plant-Based Meals?

Eating more plant-based meals offers many advantages to both health and the environment. Research has shown they’re associated with a lower risk of heart disease, high blood pressure, type 2 diabetes, certain cancers and obesity.

Even further, plant-based meals are typically higher in fiber, vitamins, minerals and antioxidants while being lower in saturated fats and cholesterol. They’ve even been shown to improve the composition of our gut microbiome (AKA gut health).

When I am working with patients who have chronic kidney disease, I often recommend a more plant-based diet to slow down the progression of the disease.

So, make it a point to have at least 1-2 plant-based meals per week – whether it’s meatless Mondays or plant-based Sundays!

Building a High Protein, Plant-Based Meal

Building a higher protein, plant-based meal might seem daunting at first – and it requires a little more planning.

However, being aware of higher protein, plant-based sources and the general serving size makes it much easier! I have created a protein table below to use as inspiration to build your own high protein plant-based meals.

With plant-based diets on the rise, there are so many valuable resources available these days.

An infographic table showing high protein plant-based food sources and the amount of protein per serving to help create a high protein plant-based meal.

Reasons to Add These Recipes to Your Meal Rotation

  • Increased fruit, vegetable, and fiber consumption which equals lower risk for chronic diseases.
  • Several clinical studies have shown that higher protein diet can reduce body weight, enhance body composition, and prevent regain after weight loss.
  • A meal with at least 20 grams of protein will keep you fuller for longer, help to prevent blood sugar spikes, and promote muscle protein synthesis.
  • Plant-based meals are often more cost-effective.

High Protein Plant-Based Meals

I have found that it can be difficult to find vegetarian recipes that are higher in protein. Below are 35+ high protein plant-based recipes with at least 20 grams of protein per serving (some over 30 grams).

Keep these on hand for increased variety and inspiration when selecting a yummy, meatless meal for the week.

Also read: High Protein Vegetarian Snacks.

Eat More Veggies Autumn Harvest Bowls (Summer Yule)

An Autumn harvest bowl with a creamy tahini drizzle on top in a white bowl.

I am all about bowls when it comes to a nutritious and protein-packed meal! This Autumn Harvest Bowl is packed with veggies and topped with a creamy tahini sauce. High in fiber from the chickpeas, and 22g protein per serving.

For more tahini bowls:
Healthy Roasted Cauliflower Broccoli Bowls (Running on Real Food)

Vegan Buddha Bowl (Bites with Blair)

A buddha bowl with each ingredient divided and a drizzled sauce on top.

This delicious buddha bowl combines quinoa, air-fried tofu, roasted veggies with a tahini sauce. A whopping 33 grams of protein per serving!

Again, protein bowls are easy to assemble and customize using the protein table above combined with your favorite sauce.

For more tofu dishes:
Low-Carb Vegan Dinner Bowls (Running on Real Food).
Vietnamese Tomato Tofu (Earth to Veg).
Peanut Sauce Tofu Stir Fry (My Plantiful Cooking); 21g protein.
Flavorful Tofu Noodles Stir-Fry (My Plantiful Cooking).
Crispy Asian Tofu Buddha Bowl (Naturallie Plant Based).
Vegan Crispy Baked Buffalo Tofu (Avocado Skillet).

High Protein Pasta with Broccoli and Red Peppers (Melissa Traub)

High protein pasta with broccoli and red peppers on a white plate.

A quick and delicious Italian-style pasta that uses black soybean spaghetti with 25 grams of protein per serving!

There are so many high protein plant-based pasta noodles available these days – my favorite is Barilla Protein Plus (10 grams of protein per serving)!

For more pasta recipes:
Best Vegan Fettucine Alfredo (Bites with Blair); 30 grams of protein per serving.
Chickpea Walnut Vegan Bolognese (Veggie Inspired); 20g protein per serving.
Tofu Gnocchi with Creamy Sundried Tomato Sauce (Naturallie Plant Based); 23g protein per serving.

Vegan Chorizo Chili (Veggie Inspired)

A bowl of vegan chorizo chili with dairy free yogurt and green onions on top.

A hearty, comforting chili is one of the best ways to consume a plant-based meal. This recipe is also high in fiber from the beans, and can be customized with various toppings to add even more of a flavor dimension.

For more soups and chili:
Slow Cooker Vegetarian Chili (Strength and Sunshine); Gluten-Free and Allergy-Free.
Fasolada or Greek White Bean Soup (Gypsy Plate).
Slow Cooker Lentil Sweet Potato Chili (Delightful Adventures).

Vegan Butter Chicken (Strength and Sunshine)

Vegan butter chickpeas with white rice in a white bowl next to a large pan.

A creamy, Indian-inspired dish marinated in creamy yogurt sauce with a variety of spices. It is dairy-free and loaded with protein and fiber from the chickpeas.

Also try:
Vegan Sticky Cashew Chickpeas (Avocado Skillet).

White Bean Veggie Burgers (Spa Bettie)

A white bean veggie burger on a white plate.

These flavor-packed burgers are super easy to make and packed with beans and veggies. Bake them in the oven or on the grill and enjoy the leftovers all week! Customize with various toppings, like avocado, onions, and tomato.

Creamy Tempeh Tikka Masala (All Veg Considered)

Tempeh tikka masala with rice and a side of pita bread in a large bowl.

28 grams of plant-based protein per serving combining both tempeh and tofu in a creamy, delicious curry sauce. Even more? Tempeh is a fermented food which offers gut-friendly probiotics!

Vegan Ramen with Rice Noodles, Tofu and Vegetables (Happy Kitchen)

A bowl of vegan ramen with lots of vegetables on a concrete counter.

This easy vegan ramen is made with pan-fried spicy tofu, rice noodles, sautéed veggies completed with a sensational shiitake miso broth.

For more ramen recipes:
Creamy Vegan Miso Ramen (All Veg Considered).

Instant Pot Seitan (Corrie Cooks)

A bowl of instant pot seitan for a high protein plant-based recipe.

Ready to add a meaty vibe to your dishes? Check out Instant Pot Seitan! Easy, flexible, and yummy, it’s a great plant-based protein option to try. Seitan is an easy, high protein plant-based source to add to salads, soups, and stir-fries. It can also be thrown in a food processor to resemble ground beef.

Vegan Carbonara (Vegan Punks)

Vegan carbonara on a grey plate on a dinner table with other plates of pasta.

This vegan carbonara is packed with 33g of protein! Not only is it totally delicious but it features cashews and silken tofu to create the creamiest, protein-rich sauce!

Also try:
The Creamiest Vegan Fettucine Alfredo (Happy Kitchen); Simple and light 30-minutes Vegan Fettuccine Alfredo recipe is perfectly creamy, cheesy and rich. The cauliflower cashew Alfredo sauce will blow your mind!

Almond Gnocchi Salad with Mushrooms and Spinach (Malina Malkani)

Almond gnocchi and vegetables on a white plate for a high protein plant based meal idea.

This warm salad recipe is hearty enough to eat for dinner and light enough to bridge the gap of still-warm weather between seasons. I love that it’s plant-based, quick, and easy and that it offers a tasty way to get in a lot of those leafy greens!

Fiery Tofu and Coconut Curry Soup (Dietitian Mo)

A cup of tofu and coconut curry on a dinner table garnished with herbs for a high protein plant-based meal.

This soup is spicy with the right amount of flavor and zing! Perfect to make in bigger batches and freeze it.

Quinoa with Spinach, Tomatoes and Chickpeas (Christina Iaboni)

A bowl of quinoa with spinach, tomatoes and chickpeas with a little cheese topped on it.

This healthy quinoa with spinach, tomatoes and chickpeas is an easy one-pot, plant-forward meal with 16 grams of fiber and 24 grams of protein! So simple to throw together with a lot of flavor.

For more quinoa-based recipes, try:
Quinoa Khichdi (Indiaphile); 20g protein per serving.

Homemade Vegan Lasagna with Tofu Ricotta (Humusapien)

Homemade vegan lasagna with a tofu ricotta on a plate with a fork for a high protein plant-based meal.

This easy Vegan Lasagna recipe really is the best ever – one of the most popular recipes on this site! Life-changing hummus tofu ricotta makes it taste just like classic cheesy lasagna! Each slice packs 20g of protein. It’s kid-friendly and a favorite with all eaters, vegan or not.

Vegan No Boil Pasta Bake (Cozy Peach Kitchen)

A no boil pasta bake with noodles, broccoli and sauce in a pan.

This no-boil pasta bake uses mostly pantry staples and requires just a handful of active minutes to assemble. It’s easy to customize using your favorite pasta and veggies!

Vegan Egg Roll in a Bowl (Earth to Veg)

A bowl of vegan meat with noodles and veggies.

Craving takeout? Try this vegan egg roll in a bowl, not only cheaper but healthier too, with 24 grams of protein. A keeper for your weekly rotation, this dinner comes together in under 30 minutes.

Lebanese Tempeh and Bell Pepper Rice Bowl (Jackie Newgent)

Tempeh and bell peppers served over rice in a bowl for a high protein plant-based meal.

A delicious grain bowl featuring protein-packed tempeh, colorful bell peppers, and aromatic Middle Eastern goodness.

Additional Thoughts

There are so many benefits to high protein plant-based meals, whether you’re a vegetarian, vegan or just practicing meatless Mondays every week.

Have a husband (like mine) who is a little apprehensive to try some of these recipes? I can assure you that plant-based meals can be just as tasty as the meatier version.

Feel free to explore this site for more resources on protein. Which recipe are you excited to try?

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