Best Fitness YouTubers for Women

If you’re a woman who wants to prioritize physical activity and fitness, but don’t have the time, confidence or money for a gym membership – this post is for you. You can meet all your fitness goals in the comfort of your own home. Here’s my list of the best fitness YouTubers for women (updated 2024). 

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I have been an at-home fitness enthusiast for well over 10 years now. Originally, I was a huge Beachbody fan. After discovering a few amazing fitness trainers on YouTube, I realized I could get the same results for free. Due to the variety and quality of videos on YouTube, you are guaranteed to find something that works for you.

In this post, we will discuss each fitness trainer, what their workouts entail, and what differentiates them from one another. That way, you can choose which one to try based on your preferences and fitness goals. 

Fitness YouTube Channels For Women

This list is a compilation of YouTubers with a large following, with workouts that I have personally tried. I have also researched what other people have to say about them for additional feedback.  

1. Caroline Girvan

Caroline offers challenging, comprehensive weight training programs with one intense cardio session. She is a no BS trainer, very straight-forward and to the point.

Caroline’s focus is primarily on weightlifting, with some very intense HIIT/cardio routines mixed in. If you don’t have a variety of weights in your home, you might have difficulty completing her workouts. She does some of her leg routines with one 60 pound dumbbell! 

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Most of her programs are five days with two days of rest or “active recovery”. Sadly, she is no longer uploading new programs as she has an app you can pay for – but there are over 7 different programs available free on YouTube.

Her YouTube channel is organized, and easy to differentiate the different programs as they are all color coordinated. 

I use the Bowflex SelectTech Adjustable Dumbbells so I can keep up, and add more weight as I progress through each program. They are expensive, but will last you a lifetime and much cheaper than an annual gym membership.

Some people feel like her rest periods are short compared to other fitness trainers. They also complain of muscle soreness, and that her workouts are too hard for beginners. She also does not offer encouragement or verbal instruction during her workouts.

Reasons You Should Try Caroline:

  • You don’t need someone talking to you during your workouts. Caroline talks briefly prior to the start of each routine, but only music is playing during the exercises. Some people complain about the music selection, but this is common in almost all YouTube fitness videos.
  • You prefer weightlifting and have access to a variety of different weights (8-50 pounds recommended).
  • Excellent production value: All of her videos have a progress bar which shows where you are at in each workout. There are previews of what the next moves will be, so you always know what to expect.
  •  Variety of different programs available, ranging from 30-60 minutes. She also has a paid app, which I have yet to try – but probably will when I get sick of her free videos on YouTube.
  •  There is a very supportive Facebook community if you need motivation or accountability.
  •  You aren’t a beginner, and have a good foundation and understanding of at-home workouts – specifically, weight training.
  • You’re looking for gains in strength, and enjoy being pushed to your limit.
caroline girvan best fitness youtubers

2. Sydney Cummings Houdyshell

Sydney is the enthusiastic, feels like your best friend kind of trainer. There is an endless amount of workouts and programs to choose from, and she is always uploading new videos.

Sydney Cummings YouTube workout channel

Sydney is high energy, enthusiastic, and encouraging. She has quite a variety of different programs, ranging from weight training to more cardio-based. 

You can mix and match workouts as you please – there are categories for upper body, legs, butt, abs, cardio and full body. 

The people who love Sydney feel her workouts fly by because she is constantly speaking, and it’s a good distraction. She has SO many videos – they are uploaded daily. Sydney is very open about what goes on in her life, so it often feels like you know her. She is real and authentic and positive. 

Certain individuals feel like her workouts tend to have a more full-body approach, instead of focusing on specific muscle groups, and don’t push you to the point of failure. 

Reasons You Should Try Sydney:

  • You prefer someone who is talking to you the entire workout, explaining the moves and providing encouragement.
  • She has a wide variety of programs, which most are beginner friendly.
  • You get bored easily and need that reinforcement and positivity from a fitness trainer.
  • You want a fitness routine that can be challenge but also offers modifications and prefer help with proper form and cueing. Low-impact and beginner friendly alternatives.
  • Need longer rest breaks
  • You don’t have a lot of workout equipment, as she often has modifications for body weight or resistance bands.
  •  Variety of different programs available, ranging from 30-60 minutes.
  •  Active Facebook groups which provide encouragement and accountability.
  •  Sydney actually has videos she created while pregnant- so if you’re looking for pregnancy friendly workouts, she has an entire program. 
Sydney Cummings lifting dumbbells

3. Heather Robertson

Heather’s workouts are versatile in that they can be beginner-friendly and challenging if you’re looking for something more advanced. 

heather robertson YouTube channel best fitness youtubers

Heather is another straight-forward trainer, who does not talk during her videos (like Caroline). Her focus is more on functional fitness and improving endurance.

You can either follow a program or one of many different workouts available- from pilates, barre, low-impact HIIT, yoga, strength training, and body weight exercises. Some are as short as 10-minutes, with others as long as 60 minutes. 

Most people say that her programs have a lot of HIIT, but they’re not as intense as Caroline Girvan’s (in a good way). They find her workouts to be beginner-friendly, but also challenging. Her 12-week challenge is extremely popular, and her followers rave about the great results.

Reasons You Should Try Heather Robertson:

  • Your prefer functional fitness and your goal is to improve endurance.
  • You don’t need or want encouragement, or instruction on how to do each exercise.
  •  Easy to follow moves.
  • You love variety.
  • You have access to a few different weights or dumbbells.
  • Low impact workouts
  • Beginner friendly that progressively get more challenging.
best fitness youtubers heather robertson upper body push workout

4. Fitness Blender

Fitness Blender offers a wide variety of different videos – just about anything you could possibly think of. Great if you love variety, but the YouTube channel isn’t as user-friendly. 

Fitness Blender's YouTube channel

Fitness Blender is a channel with trainers Daniel and Kelli. They have been uploading videos for over 10 years – so there is a vast number of different videos. You will be able to find just about any kind of fitness workout on their page – from strictly cardio, to beginner friendly, Pilates, yoga, strength-training, and the list goes on and on. 

Their workouts are very simple and easy to follow. They give instruction and feedback throughout the entire video, with no music! There is even a calorie burn progress bar on them.

The biggest drawback for their channel is that it is a bit overwhelming, and there aren’t many comprehensive programs to follow if that is what you’re looking for. They do have some short programs, but they are difficult to find with all the videos uploaded.

Reasons You Should Try Fitness Blender:

  • You love variety and don’t want a “program” to follow. 
  • Straight-forward encouragement, cueing, and instruction throughout each video.
  •  Easy to follow moves.
  • Simple production value without any distracting music.
  • You have access to a few different weights or dumbbells.
  • Pregnancy specific workouts available.
an example of what Fitness Blender's workouts look like

5. Pamela Reif

Pamela is a great choice for short workout routines, but she is specifically known for her booty and ab workouts. They seem to give the best results. 

Pamela Reif's YouTube channel

Pamela’s YouTube channel features short workout routines, typically around 10 minutes (or less). Her ab routines are some of the hardest ab workouts I have ever done. They are definitely more advanced than most other ab workouts on YouTube. 

Every week she posts workout plans. Her short routines range from full body, to dance, to booty, and of course – her super challenging ab routines. 

People do criticize the quality and production value of her videos, and question her background. They feel like she’s just an “influencer”. 

Reasons You Should Try Pamela Reif:

  • You want a challenging workout but only have a short amount of time. 
  • You’ve done a lot of ab videos and you’re looking for an even greater challenge.
  • Her workouts require very little equipment (or none at all).
  • More resistant and bodyweight training, with no set “program”.
  • No verbal instruction in most of her videos, even at the beginning. Just music playing throughout each workout.
Pamela Reif 15 minute six-pack workout

6. Maddie Lymburner/MadFit

MadFit offers short and sweet videos that most people could fit into their day, ranging from dance to upper body to full body workouts. 

MadFit YouTube Channel Best Fitness YouTubers

MadFit’s videos are great for beginners. Most of them are 20 minutes or less, and contain low impact moves. She performs each exercise at a slower pace, and even her ab videos have some rest time in between each move.

There is a variety of individual workouts, with no set programs. She also fun HIIT workouts set to popular songs! If this is your kind of workout, you might like my Taylor Swift cardio workout or this Full Body Workout with Weights

Some people complain that there are no workouts available that are longer than 30 minutes – this could be appealing to many though. She also doesn’t have any comprehensive, weeks-long programs.

Reasons You Should Try Mad Fit:

  • You love variety and don’t want a “program” to follow (similar to Fitness Blender and Pamela Reif).
  •  Videos are typically 20 minutes or less, with some 30 minutes videos.
  • Straight-forward encouragement, cueing, and instruction throughout each video.
  •  Easy to follow moves.
  • Dance workouts set to popular songs.

MadFit Best Fitness YouTubers

It’s Hard to Come Up With an Excuse

The variety of workouts that are available can seem overwhelming, but I hope this review will help clarify where to start. You might still have some questions, but the first step is just giving one of these channels a try!  

I love the convenience and versatility that at-home workouts offer. I feel like I will never get bored! It’s hard to come up with an excuse not to workout when they’ve made it so easy – even as a busy mom. 

It’s important to add variety to your workout routine so you don’t hit a plateau or lose interest. Personally, I find that Heather Robertson and her functional fitness approach gives me a well-balanced break from Caroline’s hardcore strength training. I will often alternate between these two. 

Do you prefer a fitness trainer who encourages you throughout your workout, or a more straightforward one that doesn’t say much? Which YouTube channel is your favorite? 

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