Taylor Swift 20-Minute Fun Cardio Workout

Calling all Swifties! Let’s shake off some calories with this 20-minute FUN cardio workout! If you’re looking to add some excitement into your fitness routine – this is the post for you!

Let’s go on a high-energy journey through a Taylor Swift-themed cardio workout. Whether you’re a die-hard fan (like me) or simply love catchy tunes that make you move, this workout is designed to get your heart pumping in a short amount of time.

No equipment required – just your favorite workout gear. There is a modified version – geared for everyone, at every stage of their fitness journey. Each song has been selected to keep you motivated and energized throughout the entire workout. Sorry, but Shake It Off did not make the cut (I feel like it’s just too overplayed).

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Hopefully all my fellow Swifties know this, but choose the Taylor’s Version of the song if available. This post was written the day after she announced that 1989 Taylor’s Version is releasing soon!

This would be a great routine to do with a friend, or fellow T-Swift fan. Partner workouts can help with accountability, too. 

It’s the cardio workout you never knew you needed. The workout is posted below,

Taylor Swift Fun Cardio Workout

Be sure to warm up prior to starting this workout! I recommend putting all five songs onto a playlist before you begin. You could also search and select each song as you go, which may give you a much needed break!

There are 4-5 exercises for each song – take your time and go at your own pace!  You can take breaks at any time. This can be as easy or as hard as you want to make it.

If you complete the set before the song is completed, take a small break and restart that set until the song is done. If you don’t complete the set before the song ends, no worries. Just move on to the next set!

Whether you’re a beginner or need help figuring out how to do these moves, check out this article for reference. 

When the next song plays, begin the next set of workouts and repeat as many times as the song allows. Most of all, just have fun! Baby, let the games begin.

Taylor Swift Fun Cardio Workout.

Follow up with my 2-Day Taylor Swift Abs Workout!

Modified Version

If you find the original workout to be too hard, I developed a modified version that’s a little more knee-friendly.

Modify any moves you feel you can’t do with walking in place or jogging in place. Take break, and listen to your body- don’t perform any exercises that don’t feel comfortable! 

Download the Modified Version

Taylor Swift Fun Cardio Workout Modified Version.

All’s Well That Ends Well

Remember that staying active doesn’t have to be a chore. It can be exhilarating and enjoyable.  The best fitness routine is the one that works for YOU. 

I enjoyed making this post a little too much! This probably won’t be my last customized fitness workout – maybe not even my last Taylor Swift workout. I mean, there are still more re-records and vault tracks for inspiration.

Any requests for future routines, let me know in the comments!

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*This workout is a guide and may not be suitable for all fitness levels. Always discuss with your doctor before starting any physical activity, especially if you have a chronic medical condition. 

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