Taylor Swift At Home Abs Workout {2-Day}

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Add some fun and excitement to your fitness routine with this at home abs workout- set to all Taylor Swift songs! The workouts are short, about 10-minutes each, with basic moves that you can do easily.

I am an at-home fitness lover and a huge Swiftie so I love to make these posts, and it adds some excitement to your workout routine!

They’re a way to prioritize FUN and fitness at the same time. You can also download this workout at the end of the post!

Reasons to Try This 2-Day Abs Workout at Home

  • It’s FUN, and set to good music – even if you’re not a huge super fan. 
  • This is a well-rounded ab routine that work the external and internal obliques, transverse abdominal muscles, and the rectus abdominis.
  • Simple and convenient: Just 10-minutes, 2 days a week (or more) — any days you want.

Perform At Your Own Risk

I am not a certified fitness professional, just an avid at-home workout junkie who loves to create these posts because they are fun! I hope to inspire other women to prioritize fitness with simple, convenient workouts. Most of these moves are basic, and found in many online fitness videos.

That being said, when performing this workout plan you are doing so at your own risk. Make adjustments to each workout based on your fitness level, as needed!

If you have recently had a baby or have diastasis recti, some of these ab exercises aren’t recommended.

Equipment Needed

No equipment is needed for this quick and easy ab routine! However, if you want to make this workout a little more challenging – feel free to use a free weight for some of the exercises.

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About the Workouts

There will be 4 exercises for each song. Each exercise will be either 20 reps or 30-seconds (for the planks). This is so you can easily remember how many reps you’re supposed to do.

I performed this workout myself- and chose 20 reps because I felt like it was the perfect amount of time to keep things moving and eliminate boredom. Personally, I get a little antsy if I am doing one ab move for too long.

Repeat the set as many times as the song allows. Some songs you will probably only complete 1 set, others you might complete a whole set twice.

Tips for Success

  1. Review each workout prior to starting. If you’re not familiar with an ab exercise, a quick google search should help you become more familiar with it. Also, there are brief explanations for each more (some have videos).
  2. Exhale when lifting your torso and inhale when lowering back to the ground for crunches.
  3. For a walking or up and down plank, inhale when you’re lowering and exhale when you’re lifting yourself.
  4. Listen to your body. Go at your own pace, and take breaks when you need to prevent injury.
  5. Feel free to take a short break in between sets!

Day #1: Taylor Swift Abs Workout At Home

To keep it simple, day #1 will be set to the album Folklore.

An infographic listing the exercises for the 2-day abs workout at home set to Taylor Swift's Folklore album.

The Last Great American Dynasty (3:51)

(20) Sit-Ups: Exhale when lifting, and inhale when lowering back to the ground.

30-Second Plank: Hold a plank on your forearms and try to watch the song countdown on your phone – or just count to 30-seconds in your head.

(20) Reverse Crunch: Keep your head on the ground and your legs at a bended 90-degree angle. Bring them in towards your stomach to work your lower abs. You can also extend them back out and straight for more of a challenge, or keep them bended.

(20) Heel Taps: Lift your upper body and alternate tapping each heel, squeezing your abs and working your obliques (side abs).

August (4:21)

(20) Bicycle Crunch: Exhale when lifting your body to crunch to each side

(20) Toe Touch: Keep your legs straight up towards the ceiling and exhale and try to touch your toes, inhale as you come back down to the floor.

(20) Flutter Kicks: Lay down on your back with legs straight up towards the ceiling and head on the ground. Alternate dropping one leg at a time towards the floor. For a demonstration, click here.

30-Second Alternating Mountain Climbers: This is like a high plank on your hands but you’re bringing your knees in to your chest.

The Lakes (3:32)

(20) Up and Down Plank: Alternate between performing a plank on your forearms and on your hands – doing that up and down motion.

(20) Russian Twists: This one is hard to describe in words so watch this video if you are not familiar.

(20) Prayer Crunch: Feet are on the ground, and legs spread out so you can take your hands in a prayer and crunch up between your legs. Exhale when crunching up, and inhale back down.

(20) Hip Dips: Do a plank on your forearms and alternate dipping your hips from side to side – trying to touch the floor.

Day #2 Taylor Swift Abs At Home

To keep it simple, the lower body workout will be set to the album Midnights.

Day 2 infographic of the abs workout at home set to songs from Taylor Swift's Midnights.

Lavendar Haze (3:22)

(20) In & Out Crunches: This can be done either with your hands on the floor and behind you, or on the back of your head if you can balance. Lift your upper back up towards your knees while simultaneously drawing your knees towards your chest.

(20) Dead Bug: Lie on your back with your arms straight above your head and knees bent and parallel to the ground. Lower opposite arm and leg towards the floor, then switch sides. Watch the video here.

(20) Side Plank Dips (Right): Side plank on your forearm, then dip your hip towards the floor for 20 reps.

(20) Side Plank Dips (Left): Switch sides!

Question…? (3:31)

(20) Plank Toe Touch: High plank on your hands and alternate touching the opposite foot/toes.

30-Second Ab Hold: Lift your arms, head and legs slightly off the ground and hold for 30-seconds! This is a tough one. If it’s too challenging, keep your legs bent on the ground and lift your upper body with your arms either behind your head or straight out next to your ears. Or, place your hands under your butt.

(20) Bicycle Crunch: Alternate touching your elbow to knee – make sure to breathe!

(20) Toe Taps: Lay down and bend your knees at 90 degrees. Alternate tapping each toe to the floor, then bring it back up. Watch the video here.

Karma (3:25)

(20) Crunch In and Kick Out: Crunch your knees in towards your elbows and then extend your legs out straight and slightly above the floor.

(20) Alternating Straight Leg Bicycle: This is similar to a bicycle crunch, but your legs are straight and lower towards the floor when doing the opposite side.

30-Second Forearm Plank: Hold a plank on your forearms for 30-seconds.

(20) Jack Knife Sit Up: Lie on your back and extend both legs and engage your abdominal muscles by drawing your belly button in towards your spine. Move both arms and legs to meet in the middle to try and touch your toes, then slowly lower your arms and legs to return to the starting position (without lowering your feet to the floor).

Exhale when trying to touch your toes, inhale while lowering back to the floor.

Download the 2-Day Abs At Home Workout

Download these ab workouts so you have it on hand for easy reference!

Enjoy and Have Fun!

Most of all, I hope you enjoy this these ab workouts and have FUN! 

You could even customize them with different exercises or different songs! These workouts are really just designed to give you inspiration.

Follow along for infrequent updates on how to prioritize YOUR health amidst the messiness of motherhood.

Before embarking on any new fitness journey, speak with your physician – especially if you have any pre-existing health conditions.

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