Heather Robertson Review: At-Home Workout for Women

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There is no denying the convenience and flexibility that at-home workouts offer. YouTube is full of high-quality, FREE fitness videos – and I have tried many of them over the past 15 years. This post provides a comprehensive Heather Robertson review – one of my favorite trainers.

It should be noted I am not a fitness professional, just an at-home workout lover! My favorite trainer of all time is Caroline Girvan (which I have also reviewed), who primarily focuses on heavy weight-lifting.

I turn to Heather’s workouts when I need a break from the heavy weightlifting, and she’s a great option for women who want that toned and lean physique.

Who Is Heather Robertson?

Heather Robertson is a certified personal trainer and nutrition coach who provides free at-home fitness workouts on her YouTube Channel. She has over 2.43 million subscribers.

Her channel is organized into playlists that are easy to understand and navigate (which I love!).

A screenshot of Heather Robertson's YouTube channel.

About Her Workouts

Heather provides a brief overview of the workout prior to starting, but does not talk throughout the duration of the workout. Therefore, Heather’s workouts are ideal for those who don’t need that constant verbal cueing or motivation.

Her videos also include a warm-up and cool down! So, take that into account when looking at the run time – the actual workout portion is about 10-minutes less than what is shown.

She offers multiple 12-week programs, with workouts ranging from 30-40 minutes. There are also shorter workouts available too, some as short as 10-minutes.

Her programs are challenging, but beginner-friendly as well – with low-impact modifications available (which she usually shows on the videos). The focus is on more compound movements working all muscle groups, with some isolated strength training as well.

What I love About Heather Robertson

So, I have completed her HR12Week 2.0, Fierce, and am now doing her HR12Week 4.0 program.

I really appreciate having a program to follow, and what I love most about Heather’s programs is that they don’t feel repetitive. They’re well-rounded with a variety of different workouts.

I find that my heartrate is more elevated as compared to Caroline Girvan’s workouts, likely because most of her workouts include cardio-based moves even in the weight-lifting videos.

Her HIIT workouts are challenging, but not to the point where you feel like you’re dying. Plus, many of her HIIT workouts are no repeat – so it keeps things fresh and exciting.

Her videos are high-quality, but some people complain that the moves are likely edited together and she’s not actually performing that workout in its’ entirety.

In conclusion, I think Heather Robertson’s workouts are ideal for those who want to tone their body, build lean muscle, or have weight loss goals.

Some Things I Don’t Like About Her Workouts

I find that I miss the challenge of Caroline’s workouts at times. Some days, I love how quick the workout seems to go by – and others I wish the workout was just a bit longer.

Some weeks were more focused on cardio and metabolic conditioning, and I didn’t feel like there was enough strength training. For example, I am completing HR12Week 4.0 and this week consisted of all full body workouts. I’m trying to trust the process, but I miss the designated upper or lower body workouts.

However, this is coming from someone who has been used to primarily weight lifting.

The abs and mobility workout is nice, but I often skipped it for a more challenging workout and just did a 10-minute ab video separately.

Again, it’s important to remember that while I love that she doesn’t offer much instruction – this might be a drawback for beginners or those who are not familiar with the moves.

Equipment Needed

  • Adjustable Dumbbells or Multiple Sets of Weights: My favorite option are these Adjustable SelectTech Dumbbells, because they take up less room and range from 0-52 pounds.
  • Resistance Bands: A set of resistance bands adds more challenge to her workouts. These resistance bands are a great option because they aren’t made of that flimsy rubber (which I often break). They are non-slip (HUGE plus) and have four resistance levels.
A set of adjustable dumbbells next to resistance bands.

As an Amazon affiliate, I receive a small compensation if a purchase is made -at no additional cost to you. I only promote products I LOVE.

Results From Her Programs

So, personally, I have noticed that my legs look leaner – which is the main reason that I switch between her and Caroline. I will mention that I also recently got a walking pad that is likely contributing to this as well!

I searched Reddit for various comments on her programs. What I found is that many people had great results with all of her 12-week programs! Specifically, people mention they see an improvement in their strength, stamina and flexibility.

People also rave about how her workouts are fun, and they don’t dread working out as much. I would definitely agree with this!

Different Programs Available

Here is a brief overview of some of her programs so you can figure out which one to start with!

HR12Week 1.0, 2.0, 3.0, 4.0

  • 12-week programs.
  • Ranges from 30-40 minutes with warm-up and cool down included.
  • The first few weeks are focused on more strength-training, and the last few weeks seem to be more cardio and metabolic conditioning.
  • Well-rounded program with a lot of variety: strength training, Pilates, abs, mobility, and HIIT/cardio.
  • A light, medium, and heavy set of dumbbells needed for some workouts.
Heather Robertson performing in and out bicep curls on her YouTube channel.

Fusion Flow

  • 7-Day Program.
  • Strength, mobility, flexibility and balance.
  • No equipment or a light pair of dumbbells.

Fierce 1.0, 2.0

  • 14-Day Programs.
  • Focus on strength with a touch of HIIT and cardio.
  • A set of light, medium and heavy dumbbells recommended.

Yoga, Pilates and Barre Inspired Workouts

  • A 28-day playlist of workouts inspired by yoga, Pilates and barre.
  • Most workouts are low-impact, full body.

Summarizing HEather Robertson’s Workouts

I write this Heather Robertson review in hopes to inspire and encourage others – whether you’re a fitness newbie, a mom struggling to find her post-partum fitness journey, or someone looking to change up their workout routine.

Heather provides high-quality, well-rounded fitness programs that are perfect for women who don’t want to “bulk up” and have a limited amount of time to workout.

Like I said earlier, she doesn’t provide verbal instruction for each move during the entire workout. If you’re someone who needs that encouragement and instruction, these workout programs might not be well-suited for you (try Sydney Cummings).

I think I will alternate between Heather and Caroline, as I think there is a place for both of them! Remember, the best workout is the one that will work for you.

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