4 Day Workout Plan (Taylor Swift Themed)

I have been a Swiftie since the beginning, but this year she has become bigger than ever before. Whether you’re a super fan or just starting to listen to her music, this Taylor Swift themed 4 day workout plan could be a fun way to incorporate some variety into your fitness routine.

4 day workout plan main header image featuring pink resistance bands, dumbbells, and a mat on a gym floor.

The plan consists of a 20- 30-minute upper body, lower body, cardio and full body workout. There is a download available with the entire workout plan so you can access it easily from your phone. This is a chance for you to have FUN and prioritize fitness at the same time. 

Reasons to Try This 4-Day Workout Plan

  • It’s FUN, and set to good music – even if you’re not a huge super fan. 
  • Resistance training has been shown to help boost metabolism, improve muscle strength, lower glucose levels, and help to manage weight. This workout incorporates all muscle groups for a well-rounded fitness routine.
  • Simple and convenient: 25-30 minute workouts that can be done either at home or at the gym.

Perform At Your Own Risk

I am not a certified fitness professional, just an avid at-home workout junkie who loves to create these posts because they are fun! I hope to inspire other women to prioritize fitness with simple, convenient workouts. Most of these moves are basic, and found in many online fitness videos.

That being said, when performing this workout plan you are doing so at your own risk. Make adjustments to each workout based on your fitness level, as needed!

Before embarking on any new fitness journey, speak with your physician – especially if you have any pre-existing health conditions.

Equipment Needed

Upper Body Workout:
— A set of dumbbells, 2-3 different weights recommended. I use these SelectTech Adjustable Dumbbells, with a range of 5-52.5 pounds. 

Lower Body Workout: 
— A set of heavier dumbbells, 2-3 weights recommended.
— Resistance Band. My favorite are these fabric resistance bands that don’t slip or snap.

Cardio Workout: 
No Equipment.

Full Body Workout:
Lighter dumbbells recommended (8-15 lbs.).

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About the Workouts

There will be a set of 3 exercises, that you will complete as many of these sets as possible within the timeframe of each song. Once the song is complete, move on to the next set of exercises. 

Add a 5-10 minute cooldown abs after each workout. Try my 2-day Taylor Swift Themed Abs Workout!

There are also many free videos on YouTube!

Tips for Success

  1. Always warm-up and cool down to prevent muscle soreness and injury.
  2. This workout plan is designed to be done consecutively, however, feel free to take a rest day as needed- and perform these workouts based on your schedule and lifestyle. I would recommend a break after the lower body workout, or in between the cardio and full body – if needed.
  3. Listen to your body. Go at your own pace, and take breaks when you need to prevent injury.
  4. Review each workout prior to starting, and become familiar with the exercises. Google any exercises you aren’t sure of, or choose an easier modification.
  5.  Make a mega playlist with all the songs from the 4-day workout plan so it is easy to play through them.
  6. Feel free to take a dance or jog break in between sets for a short break!

Day #1: Upper Body

To keep it simple, the upper body workout will be set to the album Lover. I tried to make each set of exercises where you shouldn’t have to adjust your weight during the set.

For example, the first set (to Cornelia Street), I would use a pair of 12-15 pound dumbbells. However, adjust weight based on your preferences. The beauty of these workouts is you can customize them however you want – and still get great results. 

A template with the exercises for the upper body workout of the 4 day workout plan.

Day #2: Lower Body

To keep it simple, the lower body workout will be set to the album Midnights. I tried to make each set of exercises where you shouldn’t have to adjust your weight during the set. The second half of this workout is all resistance band exercises – use a dumbbell as well for more of a challenge.

For example, the first set (to Lavendar Haze), I would use a pair of 25-30 pound dumbbells. However, adjust weight based on your preferences.

Taylor Swift lower body workout template, listing all the exercises.

Day #3: Cardio

To keep it simple, the upper body workout will be set to the album Reputation. No equipment needed!

Follow this up with a 5-10 minute ab workout! This one is tough, so take breaks in between sets. Or for a challenge, write down how many reps you complete and try to beat it next time!

Day #4: Full Body

To keep it simple, the upper body workout will be set to the album 1989. Since these songs are LONG, and this workout is more focused on repetition and endurance – keep your weights lower than what you normally would for these exercises. Even bodyweight could be used for a large majority of these sets.

For example, the first set (to Blank Space), I would use a pair of 10 pound dumbbells. For the second set (to Style), as well. However, adjust weight based on your preferences.

Download the 4-Day Workout Plan

Download this 4-day workout plan so you have it on hand for easy reference!

Enjoy and Have Fun!

Most of all, I hope you enjoy this 4 day workout plan and have FUN! 

Which workout was your favorite? 

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