Taylor Swift Banded Glute Workout

A 15-minute banded glute workout for my fellow Swifties! With carefully selected songs from Taylor’s discography, this fitness routine is designed to be fun, empowering and leave you feeling strong. The only equipment you’ll need is a resistance band!

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It seems that toning and building the booty has become all the rage these days. Resistance bands provide low-impact resistance training, and can improve muscle strength and tone. One study found that using resistance bands can promote similar strength gains when compared with conventional resistance training.  

However, some fitness experts claim results might be slower as compared to traditional weight-lifting. To add more of a challenge, you could also use a set of dumbbells for some of these moves – like the glute bridges and squats. Now, let’s sculpt some glutes!

A Workout for the Swifties

As an at-home fitness lover and Swiftie, I love to create these fitness routines using easy moves that are commonly found in the YouTube workout videos I watch frequently. 

This post is meant to inspire other women to prioritize their health and have fun doing so by creating easily accessible workouts at home. 

However, I am not a fitness professional – by trying this workout, you do so at your own risk and understand that improper form can result in injury which I am not liable for. Consult with your doctor when starting any new physical activity. 

Tips for Success

1. Make sure to review the exercises prior to starting. If you aren’t familiar with the exercise, a quick google search can help – or read this article that contains a few of these exercises. 

2. Complete a 5-minute warm-up prior to starting.  

3. Make a playlist of the songs prior to beginning the workout, OR take a little break in between and just search for the next song. Use “Taylor’s Version” when applicable!

4. Use 1-2 dumbbells for moves like banded squats, glute bridges, and squat pulses to add more resistance. However, lighter weight might be better for this workout since there are high reps and minimal breaks! Ankle weights could be used for the leg lifts, fire hydrants, and donkey kicks. 

5. Go at your own pace! It’s YOU versus YOU, so take breaks as often as you need. 

6. Ensure you stretch and cool down after the abs portion to songs like Slut!, Clean (Taylor’s Version), or Delicate. But really, the options are endless!

Equipment Needed

All you will need is a resistance band for this workout. I recommend these FlexBands specifically for booty workouts. 

One frustrating thing about resistance bands is when they slip, and these are non-slip with three different resistance levels. They’re relatively inexpensive, and made of a high-quality fabric instead of the rubber material that seems to break easily.

This is an Amazon affiliate link – one that I highly recommend. I do receive a small compensation if a purchase is made – at no additional cost to you. 

Taylor Swift Banded Glute Workout

There are four sets of exercises for each song, with 20 reps each. After the first two exercises, a 20-second dance or run break was added to increase your heartrate and give you a little break.

Then, perform the next two exercises. Repeat as many times as the song allows! Follow up with my Taylor Swift Abs Workouts.

Screenshot this workout, or download to print or keep on your phone. 

Taylor Swift Banded Glute Workout At Home Glute Workout

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Or if you have any other ideas, let me know in the comments!

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