Easy At-Home Workouts for Moms

There are a lot of ways to creatively fit in a workout as a mom – it’s just figuring out which one works for you and your lifestyle. In this post, I will discuss some easy at-home workouts for moms in hopes to inspire you to make your fitness goals a priority!

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We all know there are a multitude of reasons to work out. Not only has physical activity been associated with decreased risk of heart disease, diabetes, and mortality – but it offers mental health benefits as well. 

Therefore, if anyone can benefit from working out: it’s us moms! 

As someone who has been doing at-home workouts for years, even prior to having kids – I love the convenience and flexibility that working out at home can provide. Once you figure out a plan that can work for you, it will likely get easier to stay accountable and just become a part of your lifestyle long-term.

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Pros of At-Home WOrkouts for Moms

There is no need to feel guilty about not having the time or motivation to get to the gym! An at-home workout can have many advantages over the gym, especially for a busy mom. 

Convenience and Flexibility

The convenience of at-home workouts cannot be ignored, especially if you struggle to find the time to workout.. Eliminating the drive to and from the gym can add up to a lot more time to get things done around the house or to spend time with your children. 

Most of the time, it’s easier to find time during the day or night to perform a quick fitness routine at home than it is at the gym. 


Most at-home workouts are FREE, and the programs that do cost money are typically more cost-effective than a gym membership.

Privacy and Comfort

At home, you have the luxury and space that is entirely your own. No worrying about someone watching while you workout, or waiting on others to use equipment. 

Moms, or women in general, may feel self-conscious with their bodies. Working out at home eliminates the fear of being judged, and allows us to focus on our fitness goals. 

Can Workout with Your Kids

If you do choose working out at home, there’s the conundrum of if you should do it with your kids or while they are asleep. 

With at home workouts, you have the option to get your kids involved – freeing up more time for yourself “after hours” or during naptime.  

It can be very beneficial for children to see their mother prioritizing herself, and making exercise a priority – and they might want to join in as well!

Easy At-Home WOrkouts for Moms: A List

YouTube Workouts

YouTube has a vast amount of free workouts, ranging from body weight exercises, cardio to weight training. Whether you have 10-20 minutes of free time, or 45 minutes – there is an option for you! 

Here is a list of some of my favorite fitness trainers for women with a brief description. 

Caroline Girvan

Caroline Girvan focuses on weight training, which I personally have found leads to the most positive changes in body composition. She is a no BS trainer with comprehensive 30-90 day programs that you can easily follow on her YouTube channel.

Most of her programs are set up for 5 days a week of working out, ranging from 30-60 minutes each. She doesn’t talk during the workouts and I would say her programs are more advanced- with some beginner options to start with.

List of workouts in the Iron Series; caroline girvan review

Heather Robertson

If you aren’t interested in lifting heavy weights, but still want to incorporate some weight training into your routine – I would recommend Heather Robertson! She offers comprehensive programs that, like Caroline, are also easy to follow.

Most of her workout videos are around 30 minutes, and very easy to fit into a busy day! I have seen great results with her HR12 programs. 

Heather Robetson's YouTube channel for an easy workout for moms.

Sydney Cummings Houdyshell

Sydney Cummings is the trainer you want if you need that encouragement and pep talk while you are working out! She is very motivating, and talks throughout the entire video. 

Sydney has a wide variety of workout videos you can do individually, and programs as well – both beginner-friendly and more advanced.

Pamela Reif

Pamela Reif is known for packing a lot into a little amount of time. She doesn’t have set programs, and most of her videos are about 10-20 minutes long. 

Her ab workouts are some of the hardest I have ever done – and she is also known for her booty workouts as well. She’s a great choice if you have a shorter attention span, and are looking for a shorter fitness routine to add to your day.

Pamela Reif's YouTube channel for an idea for an easy workout for moms.


MadFit is a beginner-friendly YouTube channel that offers shorter workout routines, and even fun dance videos set to popular songs! It’s a great option for those who don’t love traditional workouts, but still want to the benefits of daily physical activity. 

Yoga with Adriene

For the low-impact yoga lovers, Yoga with Adriene is one of the most popular YouTube channels. Most of her videos are less than 30-minutes – and could be a great way to start the day!

Mini Workouts Throughout the Day

A mom and daugher working out together; home vs gym workouts

Mini-workouts throughout the day is an option for those moms where it doesn’t make sense to do a longer workout all at once (or a SAHM that is home all day). Research has shown that a few small workouts throughout the day can be just as beneficial as a longer, consecutive one.

This could mean doing squats in the kitchen while making breakfast, and push-ups in the playroom while playing with your kids.

For inspiration, check out my post 7 Mini-Workouts Moms Can Do Throughout the Day – and adapt with exercises you feel comfortable with. 

Using a Walking Pad, Peloton Bike, or Elliptical

If a workout program isn’t for you, investing in an at-home Peloton bike or elliptical is a convenient option. 

I have also had great success with a walking pad! They are easy to stash away when you’re not using them, or get out for a quick walk while you’re watching TV- see more thoughts on this below. 

Workout with Your Toddler

If you’re a mom to toddlers, I have put together some of my favorite YouTube channels to get you and your kids involved in moving around and burning some calories (and toddler energy). 

There are a lot of fun, interactive videos online that get both you and your kids involved! Or, just have a dance party and run around the house for “cardio”. 

Two kids dancing while watching TV for fun ways to workout with your toddler.

Creating Your Own Workout

Sometimes, it’s nice to just listen to your own music and make up your own workout as you go – with exercises you’re familiar with.

I like to do this as well. If you’re a Taylor Swift fan, check out some of my workout ideas below for inspiration!

My Favorite At-Home Workout Equipment

To get the most benefits out of working out at home, think about investing in some workout equipment. 

Adjustable Dumbbells

Studies have shown that resistance training has been shown to reduce body fat percentage, body fat mass, and visceral fat in healthy adults.

A pair of adjustable dumbbells can be a game-changer when starting an at-home fitness routine. They take up less space, and typically offer weight ranges that would be ideal for most women. 

I use these Bowflex SelectTech Adjustable Dumbbells, with weight range of 5-52.5 lbs. Or, you could just get free weights in a couple different sizes.

Adjustable dumbbells, free weights, and a walking pad on the ground.

Resistance Bands

Having a set of resistance bands is great for low impact exercises, and can add more challenge to a lot of the at-home workout videos – especially when working the glutes! 

Good quality is important – I like these fabric WALITO Resistance Bands. There are 3 different bands (light, medium and heavy), non-slip and will likely not snap like elastic bands.

Yoga Mat

If you have harder floors, a high-quality yoga mat is ideal for any floor exercises or ab routines.

Walking Pad

This one is a little out there – and might not be for everyone – but a walking pad can add some low impact calorie burning to your day! They’re lightweight little treadmills – ideal if you work from home. 

I am not a runner, but I love taking walks. However, my kids are at that age where they hate being in the stroller – and taking a walk is just not worth it sometimes. 

The walking pad doesn’t take up a lot of space, can be moved and hidden away, and easy to pull out for a quick 30-minute walk. With consistency, that can make a significant difference. The Sperax Walking Pad I have was affordable, and I am obsessed.

As an Amazon affiliate, this post does contain affiliate links. At no additional cost to you, I receive a small compensation when a purchase is made. However, I only promote products I love and feel would be useful to you!

You Got This!

Maintaining a fitness routine once kids are involved is SO challenging – I get it! That’s why at-home workouts are a bit more convenient, and you’re more likely to find something that you can adhere to.

Even if it’s just a quick, 10-minute workout most days of the week. That can be a good starting point to enjoy some of the physical and mental benefits of adding fitness to your day. 

Write down your goals, journal, make lists – whatever you need to do to stay accountable. Remember: we deserve this as moms! Try not to feel guilty about finding a balance that works for you and your lifestyle. 

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