The Tortured Poets Department Full Body Workout

I am back with another fun and effective Taylor Swift inspired workout! This Tortured Poets Department full body workout combines upper and lower body exercises with short bursts of cardio for maximum calorie burn.

All you need is a set (or two) of lighter weights and 25-minutes of time. This workout can easily be done in the comfort of your own home!

The Tortured Poets Department aesthetic: a white pillow on a bed with a set of weights.

I don’t know about you, but I am currently overwhelmed! The more I listen to this album, the more I love every single song. Deciding which ones to use for this workout was really difficult. This album is getting some interesting feedback, but honestly- I am obsessed.

So, while you are doing some intense listening – why not get a workout in as well?

About This Full Body Workout

This workout is a combination of upper and lower body exercises with short bursts of cardio mixed in. You can expect to tone your entire body while also scorching calories at the same time. I like to complete full body workouts like this one right after a cardio day and before a rest day.

Each song consists of 4 different workouts, which is a set. After you complete each set, there will be time to repeat it or at least half of it.

This workout can be as difficult or as easy as you want it to be. You can pace yourself and take your time, or try to go for as many sets as possible.

While there is a short description of each exercise – if you are unsure how to do an exercise, a quick google search will help. Most of the exercises will be familiar to you if you are someone who workouts frequently.

As an avid at-home workout lover, I create these workouts as inspiration – and they’re really fun! However, as I am not a fitness professional, performing this workout you are doing so at your own risk. Make sure to do a quick warm-up prior to the workout, and cool down after!

Equipment Needed

You will need a set of lighter weights or a few different variations of lighter weights depending on the exercises. For example, chest press you might want a little heavier weight than a lateral raise.

I use 12-18 pounds for exercises like bicep curls, shoulder presses, or skull crushers. For a lateral raise or squat punch, 5-8 pounds. Adjust weights based on YOUR fitness level!

The Tortured Poets Full Body Workout

Repeat each set if you have extra time left in the song. Exercise descriptions listed below!

Most of all, enjoy yourself and go at your own pace!

An infographic listing the exercises for The Tortured Poets Department full body workout.

1. Down Bad (4:21)

Only makes sense to start with this song, whether you are performing this workout at home or at the gym. This set combines compound exercises working both the arms and legs. Select a weight where you can perform a shoulder press and biceps curls.

Squat to Shoulder Press (14): Hold weights either down by your side or at your shoulders while you squat, then press them upwards when rising.

Chest to Floor Burpees (10): These are tough! Burpees are both the best and the worst. Your chest will touch the floor, then you will push back up and jump! Feel free to modify with jumping jacks.

Modifier: jumping jacks or run in place.

Deadlift to Bicep Curls (14): Make sure to keep your back straight when performing a deadlight, knees slightly bent. Weights should hit at about your shins, then stand back up (make sure not to round your back). Curl your forearms so your weights almost touch your shoulders. Keep elbows close to your sides for the bicep curls.

Chest to Floor Burpees (10): Keep going! You got this. Modify with jumping jacks as needed.

2. But Daddy I Love Him (5:40)

Warning: this song is a long one! You will be able to repeat this set at least once. Take breaks in between sets if needed!

Glute Bridge to Chest Press (14): Perform the bridge, elevating your hips until they’re aligned with your torso while also pressing your weights up to the ceiling – then back down. Squeeze those butt cheeks at the top to activate the glutes.

You can hold the bridge for the entire exercise, or even alternate with the bridge and the press.

Jump Squats (10): This is basically a squat then an explosive jump.

Skull Crushers to Tricep Press (14): Two separate moves that you will perform 14 times. For the skull crushers, lower the weight down to about an inch above your forehead and back up. Then, bring the weights close to your sides and press up to work your triceps.

Jump Squats (10): Modify with running in place, if needed.

3. Florida!!! (3:35)

Squat to Lunge (14): Keep your weights by your shoulders, and perform a squat then a lunge – and alternate which leg you are lunging in between squats.

15-Second Run in Place: Just count these seconds in your head – it doesn’t have to be exact. Go at your own pace.

Lateral Raise (14): Using a lighter weight, lift them up from your sides to shoulder height and back down.

15-Second Run in Place: You got this!

4. Who’s Afraid of Little Old Me? (5:34)

Renegade Rows (14): Doing a plank on the ground with your weights under your hands, alternate bringing each one to the side of your rib cage and back down.

Mountain Climbers (15-Seconds): Your body is perpendicular to the ground in a high plank, alternating bringing your knees towards your chest.

Sumo Squat (14): With your chest upright and toes pointed out, legs wide, squat down and try to put most of your weight in your heels so your knees don’t go past your toes.

Mountain Climbers (15-Seconds): Repeat for as many sets as you can!

5. imgonnagetyouback (3:42)

I recommend lighter weights for this exercise (like 8 pounds or less), unless you’re used to lifting heavier weights.

Squat Punch (14): Squat, and then rise back up – cross punching left and right with very light weights.

Weighted Jacks (14): Hold the weights by your shoulders and press them up with each “jack”.

Plank Pass-Thru (14): In a high plank, take turns pulling one weight underneath your body from one side to the other. Try not to rotate your hips.

Weighted Jacks (14): Hold the weights by your shoulders and press them up with each “jack”.

6. So High School (3:48)

Alternating Bicep Curl to Lateral Lunge (14): Holding a dumbbell in each hand, bend one forearm and curl – alternating one side then the other. Then, lunge to one side – making sure to put most of your weight in your heels. Then, repeat with alternating curls to lunging to the other side.

Jumping Jacks (14): This is the last set! Keep going!

Upright Rows (14): Grip your weights by your sides, feet shoulder-width apart. Lift the dumbbells up towards your chin – elbows out and parallel to the floor, pause at the top, and then lower back down.

Jumping Jacks (14): This is the last set! Repeat the set again, if you have time.

You Should See Your Faces

Hopefully, this fun, full body workout brings a smile to your face or at least brings inspiration to your regular workouts.

I was hoping this would be a cardio workout but there were not many “bangers” on this album. Still, I am so obsessed with it. The only downside is that my daughters, who are now Swifties, aren’t big fans of the new music.

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